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3D printing is cementing itself as a long-term strategy to quicker, more efficient production with huge aerospace application.

Aerospace innovators have helped spread the wings of 3D printing; pushing the technology beyond designing and producing prototypes, to creating advanced consumer-ready and military technology.

3D printing is revolutionising the way we think about aerospace as an industry. With 3D printed parts, we can successfully replace heavy materials for lighter ones, increasing the range that aeroplanes can travel, further increasing payloads and therefore the profitability of the sector as a whole.

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Case Study: Production Parts

China Eastern Airlines have employed the FDM method to design and fabricate the functional parts seen on their planes. The 3D printing method adheres to strict criteria and provides huge financial advantage. The airline company has saved months of work, large sums of money, and they have opened up new opportunities. The Chinese airline company aims to release an Airbus350 with over 1000 3D printed parts.

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Case Study: Concept Modelling

With extensive military application, FDM is helping create functional training-ready replicas that are only limited by the fact they are not weaponised. This 3D printing method (FDM) is saving huge amounts of time in production and is saving the US Government a projected 15 million dollars over 10 years.

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Case Study: BAE Systems - Jigs and Fixtures

BAE Systems reduces costs and lead times for Prototyping, Aircraft Tooling and Part Production with FDM Additive Manufacturing

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Brochure: Certified Additive Manufacturing for Aircraft Interiors

Stratasys worked together with the aerospace and certification communities to foster a collective understanding of what’s needed to create a certification path for additively manufactured parts supported by all parties.



Fused Deposition Modelling is a 3D printing method that makes durable objects out of the same plastics we see in everyday life. FDM is changing the way industries design and manufacture increasing their productive capacity.

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Polyjet will allow you to produce models with multiple materials, textures and capabilities that look and feel just like the final product.

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