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3D printing has the potential to change everything. Get ahead of the curve with the latest and greatest technology.


Employ bottom up layer-by-layer technology.

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Utilise microscopic layer resolution and accuracy.

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Selective Laser Melting

Unparalleled productivity and performance in metal additive manufacturing.

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Your Technology Partners

Our people are not only experts in 3D printing they are also proactive partners who provide a timely and accurate response to our clients’ needs. Our clients trust us to be there for them to solve issues and assist with continuous improvements. They have confidence in the quality of our service and solutions, our ability to solve complex technical problems and effectively coordinate large scale implementations.

placeholder Aerospace


Improve production efficiency and flight performance.

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Bring ideas and new competitive designs to life.

placeholder Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Get to market faster than your competitors.

placeholder Dental


Save time and enhance your customer experience.

placeholder Medical


Improve clinical outcomes with specific anatomical models.

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Inspire the future generations with cutting-edge technology.

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Cost effective and rapid production.


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Why Choose Us

We are acutely aware of manufacturers’ needs for ever increasing quality standards in increasingly competitive global markets. TCL Hofmann acts as a valuable conduit to the latest international developments, enabling us to take advantage of new and emerging technologies around the globe.

Technology for Tomorrow

Our partnership with Stratasys has provided 3D printing technology that is at the forefront of manufacturing and education, allowing our customers to innovate and rapidly improve their productivity and quality in production.

Connected Australia

With leading suppliers around the globe, distribution centres across Australia, and an array of quality products, solutions and after sales support, we are able to provide quality, local servicing from consideration to ongoing support.

Significant Industry Experience

With more than twenty years of experience supplying the latest developments in the manufacturing, distribution and prototyping industries, TCL Hofmann can provide significant expertise to help you advance with 3D printer technology.

Specialist Service and Support

With local distribution and a focus on value-adding advice and after sales service, our customers enjoy ongoing access to personalised support, technical service, education of technological advances and industry specific know-how.

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